New Jersey Jackals

The New Jersey Jackals are a professional baseball team. The Jackals are a member of the East Division of the Frontier League, an independent baseball league that is a Partner League of Major League Baseball. The team was founded in 1998 by Floyd Hall.

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Paterson Public School District

John F. Kennedy High School

The swiftest, the fastest, the strongest in track & field, these scholar athletes round the track and flex their athleticism as they sprint back home to Hinchliffe Stadium.

The Knights return home! Hinchliffe is again the home of the classic Thanksgiving game where the cross town rivals, the Ghosts, take on the Knights.  

2022 Passaic County Champions! Senior, Luis Portillo declared, "Every single one of us, we're hungry, and we wanted it, and we brought it home to Paterson."

What Our Attendees Say

“We’re thrilled to have the Jackals in Paterson and equally pleased to be working alongside Al Dorso... to bring additional growth, prosperity and entertainment to our local community.”

Andre Sayegh
Paterson Mayor

“[Paterson youth] will learn the lessons of national segregation and that no one can be held back by discrimination if they have the power to believe.”

Eileen Shafer
School Super Intendent

“This stadium will once again become a focal point for this great city. Hinchliffe is not just a ballfield, it is New Jersey’s Field of Dreams.”

Phil Murphy
NJ Governor
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The Benefits of Hinchliffe

Pro & Local Sports

You like Jackal's baseball? Check! You like High School football? Check! How about soccer? Check! We have it all!


Historically, some amazing concerts were hosted at Hinchliffe. Today we re-awaken that legacy. Witness some of the grandest concerts in North Jersey with great visibility and open air seating.

Large Venue

Great Falls: The stadium seats 10,000 and is located at the heart of the country's first planned industrial city. The Historic District provides the backdrop for all of the action and excitement at Hinchliffe.


Great Food: Paterson is home to 52 distinct ethnic groups and our food is a reflection of the people who live here. We have more than just peanuts, popcorn, and Cracker Jacks. Hit the concession stand or for some games enjoy on-site food trucks.

Education & Culture

Great Future: In order to inform our future, we need to study our past. Visit the Stadium’s museum to learn more about this historic structure and its part in Negro Leagues Baseball history.

Easy Parking

Parking at the Stadium is convenient with our on-site parking garage, which accommodates 300 vehicles. Simply show up and pay as low as $7 by card

Partner up with us

The City of Paterson and Hinchcliffe Master Urban Renewal is a partnership that created a childcare center, senior housing and a museum. We are still growing and adding more elements that will enhance Paterson and her visitor's experiences.

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