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The Stadium

Built in the height of the Great Depression, Hinchliffe Stadium has provided a venue for sports, concerts, and community events for the Greater Paterson community for decades. Unfortunately, the Stadium fell into disrepair in the later part of the last century. In 2021, Hinchliffe Master Urban Renewal stepped in and began the restoration process, which has preserved this nationally recognized historic structure. They have also expanded upon the original vision to ensure that this stadium meets the changing needs of its community. 

The City

Hinchliffe Stadium is located in the Great Falls Historic District in the City of Paterson, founded in 1792 by Alexander Hamilton. The City is named after Governor William Paterson and is the first planned industrial city in the United States. The power of the Passaic River and its Great Falls helped to create the diverse and vibrant city we have today. The City's slogan is Great Falls. Great Food. Great Future. Fun Fact: Paterson is the second most densely populated city in the nation.

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