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Welcome to Hinchliffe Stadium, one of America's most historic arenas. Built at the height of the Great Depression, it's one of the last remaining Negro League stadiums in the country. It played a major role in baseball history as one of the few stadiums where African American athletes could showcase their skills during an era of segregation. Serving as the home field for the New York Black Yankees, New York Cubans, and the Newark Eagles, over 20 Hall of Famers graced the hallowed grounds of Hinchliffe. A place where legends like Larry Doby and Josh Gibson wowed the crowd. But more than just baseball; Hinchliffe also hosted car races, football games, concerts, and even boxing matches. Seated above the Paterson Great Falls, it's the only sporting venue in a National Park. It also stands as the first National Historic Landmark honoring baseball. Today, Hinchliffe is home to the New Jersey Jackals of the Frontier League... This stadium is more than just a field and seats, it's a monument to the American Spirit and the sports that helped build it. A place where real history happens.

The City

Hinchliffe Stadium is located in the Great Falls Historic District in the City of Paterson, founded in 1792 by Alexander Hamilton. The City is named after Governor William Paterson and is the first planned industrial city. The power of the Passaic River and its Great Falls helped to create the diverse and vibrant city we have today. The City's slogan is Great Falls. Great Food. Great Future. Fun Fact: Paterson is the second most densely populated city in the nation.

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